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List Of 12 Problems All (Lazy) Students Face

List Of 12 Problems All (Lazy) Students Face


1. Eating directly from the saucepan – because we have no time to do the dishes

2. Thinking  we can survive on cup noodles for days – you can’t, it’ll get to a point where the sight of the packaged goodness makes you want to puke

3. Buying all the required textbooks which cost $200 each and then realising you only need 2 of the eight.

4. Avoid doing the laundry and then sniffing the only good bra you have because you need your boobs to look great under this dress, wait, did I wash this dress?

5. Texting your roommate/flatmate who is in the same flat as you because you are too lazy to get up and walk to tell them something.

6.  Seeing someone from your class outside in the supermarket and pretending you didn’t see them. Well you don’t talk in class, why talk now? I just want non-expired milk.

7. Do I really need to go to lectures today? My bed is warm, it’s winter, I have nothing decent to wear. The latter being the most important.

8. If I don’t look at my bank balance (or grades) and rock back and forth, will everything be okay?

9. Becoming extremely religious the week of your exams and praying to every god there is to make you pass because you can’t afford to fail and repeat.

10. Napping so much during the day that your cycle is now messed up and you can’t sleep at night. FML. Especially during exams. Double FML

11. Should I watch another episode of How to Get away with Murder or actually watch my online lecture I skipped because I wanted to watch HTGAWM

12. When you go home you hug your mum and cry because she’s cooked real food. Chicken, come at me.