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5 Life Lessons From 10 Things I Hate About You

5 Life Lessons From 10 Things I Hate About You

There will always be a special place in my heart for 90’s movie 10 Things I Hate About You. It could be because of Heath Ledgers perfection or Katarina Stratford’s witty one liners. I was first introduced to my now all-time favourite movie at the age of 13, I fell in love. First with the movie, then with Heath Ledger. I’ve spent the last 5 year forcing everyone I meet to watch it with me. It’s just one of those movies that deserves to be re-watched.

10 Things I Hate About You was released in 1999 and has been popular ever since, it’s a classic. Shakespeare Comedy Play “Taming of The Shrew” was adapted into 90’s pop culture and became the teen romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You.

Although this movie seems to portray realistic high school life in a funny and lighthearted way, there are some serious life lessons to be taken away too.


1. Not everyone has to like you

You can’t be everyone’s favourite person and not everyone is going to like you. It’s not your job to impress everyone you meet or to make them happy. Take it from Kat, she couldn’t care less what people think of her. She just does her thing, she doesn’t try to change for anyone. As she says perfectly when giving her younger sister Bianca the best advice ever “You don’t always have to be what they want you to be, you know?” This rings so true. Be who you want to be.

2. Vanity is not a desirable trait

A vain partner just makes a relationship that much harder. A vain guy puts more effort into his appearance and reputation than his relationship with you. An extreme example is Joey Donner. 10 Things I Hate About You clearly shows that Joey is always going to have problems with relationships, he just cares about himself too much and never puts others first. Try not to be like that or date someone like that, unless you really want to put yourself through the pain of ‘fixing’ them.

3. Being a smart ass feminist is totally okay

Kat is my hero. She’s funny, smart, has the best come backs, does whatever she wants, doesn’t care if she’s judged, gets the hot guy and totally rocks the feminist label. As she so gently puts it in English class when Joey Donner is being his narcissistic self – “I guess in this society, being male and an asshole makes you worthy of our time”. Since her English class readings are male- dominated as a result of “oppressive patriarchal values that dictate education” she reads some hard hitting female written classics, like The Bell Jar in her spare time. Kat knows that expressing her opinion isn’t a terrorist action and is not afraid of being a feminist. Everything turned out okay for her – she gets to go to the college she wants, she gets the hot guy, she gets a guitar and even becomes a positive role model for us. So why not be a smart ass feminist and love it?

4. Don’t judge

You really should try to withhold from judging others. As cliché as it sounds, there really is more than what meets the eye. Sure someone might seem to be a terrible person, or their actions just haven’t been up to scratch lately. That doesn’t mean that they’re not in a bad place or dealing with some tough stuff. Bianca just can’t understand why Kat won’t date so she can go out with Joey. She jumps to conclusions and judges her older sister. What she doesn’t know is that Joey took Kats virginity before breaking up with her. In the end it turned out okay with the sisters becoming really close. Yet a lot of feelings could have been saved if Bianca stopped judging her older sister and just tried to talk to her. If someone’s acting in a way that seems off don’t judge them, try talking to them and asking if everything is okay.

5. Other people have feelings too

“Just because you’re beautiful, doesn’t mean you can treat people like they don’t matter”. Cameron was spot on with this quote. He was fed up with the way Bianca was treating him and rightly so. He’d gone to enormous amounts of effort to impress her, he even got Joey to pay Patrick to take her sister out so she could date. She treated him like dirt though. She lied to him and helped him so she could go out with Joey instead of him. Cameron even starts to doubt his worth, lucky he has Patrick to give him a pep talk. The moral of the story here is to be honest with people, lying hurts. Everyone has feelings, be wary of them. There’s no reason to ever hurt somebody, it’s just not cool. Seriously though, treat others the way you want to be treated.