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7 Of The Best Ways to De-Stress

7 Of The Best Ways to De-Stress


After being on this planet for, like… my whole life, I’ve picked up on a few things. One of these is that we live in a world that encourages stress and efficiency over health. Timelines and deadlines and crappy bosses are all very valid excuses to experience inhuman levels of anxiety. But never fear! I’ve devised a plan- an escape route! Here I have 7 top secret ways to de-stress and beat the gheebies.

Take a bath.

Seriously. Take a bath and turn on some sing-along music. You’ll feel so much better after belting the “Frozen” soundtrack. Throw in some essential oils and a candle or two. Make it all kinds of romantic; romance yourself! Take all the time you need to shave your legs, wash your hair and just relax. Turn your phone on aeroplane mode and disconnect for a little bit. Maybe grab a glass of wine! Go nuts.


Exercise is a great way to relax. Try walking for an hour and a half and not letting yourself think about anything. Take some music and focus on the lyrics rather than your stressful situation. This is an easy solution to everyday anxieties.

Count to Ten

We’ve all been there- you want to kill your boss. You want to quit or run away or rampage… or all? But seriously. Step back, go to the bathroom and count to ten. Count it with your breaths; one breath in, one breath out, two breath in, two breath out…ect. You’ll thank yourself when you still have an income and all the benefits that come with money. You can also double to triple this technique. Count to 100 if you have to! Only come out when you feel you’ve calmed down.

Drink water

Or anything that doesn’t have caffeine or sugar. Not only will your body thank you profusely, but it helps calm you by not introducing ungodly amounts of crap into your system. No sugar=no sugar high. No caffeine=no overactive thinking. You can also use this technique with your counting! One breath in, one sip of water, one breath out. See?

Eat strawberries

Strawberries not only help boost your immune system but they also help decrease depressive moods AND help you bounce back from stress. So, try a bowl of strawberries next time you’re freaking out.


Find a friend or family member and let them know what your issues are. Vent, vent and vent away at them (as long as they know the anger isn’t directed at them) and you’ll probably feel better afterwards. It’s a better solution than punching walls, am I right?


Netflix fixes everything. Comedies are my recommendation, but anything that will take your mind off the situation suits just fine. If all else fails, Netflix prevails!