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Be There For The Girl Who’s Always There For Everyone Else

Be There For The Girl Who’s Always There For Everyone Else

She needs you. She’s not going to cry out for help, she just wants someone to, for once, ask her how she’s going and if she’s okay. She tries to keep it all together all of the time, but she’s tired. She’s tried holding onto hope for so long, but right now she just wants to let go.

She loves to be there for others and this emotional and empathetic side to her means that she feels alot, she feels deeply. She cannot change that about herself. But with that means she hurts. She hurts wondering if anyone really gives a damn about her.

She hurts wondering if anyone will ever give her the love she unconditionally and unapologetically gives to others.

The most beautiful thing to come out of this is that she will eventually learn to be there for herself. She becomes a force to be reckoned with because she becomes the one who doesn’t need to find her strength in other people. She finds it in herself, in her ambitions, in her thoughts.

As much as she can survive the struggle on her own, she still wishes upon the stars that someone can one day see through the fake smile and the fake “I’m doing really well” and break down her walls to get her to pour her heart and soul out to them so she can finally feel someone cares.

That’s all she wants for once, someone to make her feel that she matters.

She used to encouraging others, but sometimes all she needs is someone to acknowledge her and to tell her that they appreciate her and she does need that little bit of love and support to feel that she’s on the right track and that the tiny bit of hope she’s holding onto is necessary.

She may seem like she’s got the perfect life and that she always has things together, but you don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. You don’t see how badly she cries all because she gives too much, loves too much, tries too much and chases too much.

You don’t see how badly her kind heart is taken for granted. She tries so hard with people, but when she needs them the most, she feels like no one’s there. She feels so alone even though she’s surrounded by so many. She feels so unloved and neglected most of the time and no one has a clue.

Remember that not everyone will announce their hurt, hardship and heartache, and there’s no harm in reaching out. She’s drowning in her own darkness and despair, and all she wants is for someone, anyone, to ask her if she’s okay and what’s on her mind.

She will always be the type to fake a smile, treat people with care and compassion, listen to others and give them advice and to spread the happiness and positivity as much as she can, but please know that this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have things going on either.

She thinks, over thinks, a lot and when her mind begins racing it gets the better of her and everything hits her at once. She feels like everything is falling apart, but all she can do is bottle it in because she’s the one people run to, not the one people lend an ear to.

For the woman reading this who is deeply hurting, please remember that the world needs you. You may feel you don’t play a part in it, but you truly do. The world needs more people with rare and roaring hearts that are worn on one’s sleeve.

You have a heart that can save someone and make them feel that they are appreciated and adored. You give people a reason to keep on going when all they want to do is give up. You give them hope. You are making a difference to people’s lives. You are encouraging them to love themselves.

You are there for people in their darkest hours. You are inspiring them. You have this rare ability to make people feel important, like they matter. You know how to spark that fire in people to go after their passion and discover their purpose.

Please don’t forget that you effortlessly know how to do all these things. You are nothing but selfless and you know how to walk around faking a smile whilst carrying nothing more but a heart of gold. With that, remember that not every soul you come across has a heart as pure as yours.

Remember that being a kind person, doesn’t promise that others will be kind to you. That going above and beyond for people will not mean they’ll lift a finger for you. That thinking of others means they’ll think of you. You love a lot, but you will also hurt a lot.

You do everything out of the goodness of your heart and as hard as it to not be able to understand why others cannot do the same for you, just remember that you have dried tearful eyes, healed broken hearts and cured lost and confused minds, because it makes you feel something.

You won’t ever stop doing it all because you do not get the same in return. You understand that everyone has their own life and some people do not truly and deeply care about you, but all that matters is that you have yourself and your beautiful heart and mind.

Remember to love yourself and make yourself a priority whenever you feel yourself sinking. Remember that being the person who heals broken hearts sometimes needs to give hers a rest, that she needs to give herself all the love she freely gives others sometimes.

You cannot be everyone’s hero all of the time because once in a while you need to be your own. You need to save yourself before anyone else. You need to know when to rest. You cannot heal every hurt and heart in this lifetime, and that’s okay because you know that you try your hardest.

Please just promise me that you’ll take some time out from this world for you. Do what it takes to get yourself back on track and find yourself again, and to love yourself and lift your spirits the way you do that for others.

Take everything you’ve ever put into others and into the world and put it back into your own self because, as much as you cannot see it, you deserve it. You deserve to feel needed. You deserve to feel loved. You deserve to feel worthy of everything you’ve ever given to everyone else.

Be your own hero, but don’t be afraid to, for once, be the one to reach out and ask for help for it will not make you weak, it only makes you human. Tell the world you’re not doing okay, don’t be afraid. Be open and honest in a world where people are too guarded and protective of their feelings.

You don’t always have to have it together and to be the woman who is strong for the sake of others. You don’t always have to play the role of someone’s therapist. You don’t have to suffer alone and in silence. Just know you are worthy of every bit of love you’ve ever given to everyone else.