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Katie Hopkins’ Has Done One Of Her Most Insensitive Tweets Yet About Depression.



Katie Hopkins, probably craving some Sunday afternoon attention, unleashed one of her worst tirades yet by implying that mental illness is fictitious.




Natasha Devon, founder of The Self-Esteem Team, claims the commentary from Hopkins could have just killed someone, with Hopkins discouraging people from speaking out.

Natasha was quoted as saying. “I understand Hopkins has to pay her bills and is a professional troll.

“Usually what she says is so ludicrous we can all just roll our eyes and get on with our lives.

“But when it comes to depression, she has to understand that there are still significant swathes of people who genuinely believe what she flippantly tweets.

“Depression is a very real phenomenon, affecting growing numbers of people, affecting their ability to function. It’s costing lives.

“Katie should try speaking to the person who drags a blade over their skin each day, the girl who throws up her meals, the boy who simply cannot get out of bed, or the teen Googling ‘most painless way to commit suicide’.

“For as long as she is perpetuating dangerous myths, she is contributing to a culture where people feel ashamed to get the help they need.”

This comes as it appears that Hopkins is now in bother with the police. She has been reported over claims of inciting racial hatred in Rochdale by suggesting Pakistani men in the area were sex abusers.

Maybe she should stop tweeting for a while, just an idea.

If you’re suffering from depression and want to speak to someone you can contact Befrienders Worldwide 24 hours a day

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