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A Miracle Is Coming: Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion Foundation

A Miracle Is Coming: Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion Foundation

The miracle cushion foundation is coming…what on earth is a cushion foundation? It’s pretty much a bouncy sponge that’s soaked in BB cream or foundation. It sounds unappealing but really it’s absolutely genius. Cushion foundations have been around for a while now. The hype started in Korea where their legendary BB creams were put into this cushion compact design. The simplicity of the technology allows you to achieve a feather-light, flawless, skin-like coverage that’s quick, easy and fool-proof. For the first time in Australia the cushion foundation will be offered from a non-Korean brand, more specially, Lancôme! Lancôme was kind enough to send us a Miracle Cushion to let you guys in on a first look at the miracle that is sold every 30 seconds in Korea.

PACKAGING: The cushion comes in a beautiful, sleek, luxurious, Teint Miracle etched compact case. It’s small in size making it incredibly convenient to take with you, reapplication and for touch-ups on the go. When you open it you’re presented with a generous sized mirror and a cute little Lancôme embossed applicator. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY! I REPEAT, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! I know we sometimes like to throw away the plastic, cheaply-made applicators that come with new make-up products but this is one you’re going to want to hold on to, it’s all part of that miracle. Underneath the applicator is an inner lid that keeps the cushion fresh and away from bacteria. And then when you open the inner lid, there lies the miracle cushion that’s soaked with the foundation. I absolutely love this concept. I think it’s really great for those who want a skin-like complexion without the foundation feeling heavy or cakey, it’s perfect. You can also remove the cushion from the case and purchase a refill. This way you can easily switch between shades as the seasons change.

Gorgeous cushion foundation that's sealed when you buy it. Cushion is also removable and can be replaced with refills. Great for switching between shades.
Gorgeous cushion foundation that’s sealed when you buy it. Cushion is also removable and can be replaced with refills.

APPLICATION: The genius-ness, to me, lies in the application technique. Using the sponge provided, gently press it into the cushion and you’ll get a small amount of foundation on the sponge. Then pat the sponge on your face and it will give you weightless coverage. Unlike foundations with a pump (or god forbid one without a pump) the pressing technique really gives you the control on how much product you want. Sometimes a pump may pump out too much product but with this cushion technology you decide how much product you want depending on how much pressure you apply when pressing the sponge in the cushion. The miracle foundation blends like a dream but remember to use patting motions, don’t drag the sponge across your face. If you’re really not keen on the provided applicator then feel free to dip a brush in the cushion, it works just as fine but I highly recommend using the sponge provided. Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t throw out the sponge…ITS RE-USABLE! Similar to sponges like the beauty blender, they don’t absorb the product and you can re-use them as long as you clean them regularly. You can either use liquid soap of facial cleanser to clean the sponge or use cleaning solids like bar soaps which is think is much more effective.

Sponge applicator that's perfect for achieving weightless coverage, re-usable.
Sponge applicator that’s perfect for achieving weightless coverage, re-usable.

FOUNDATION: The foundation itself gives buildable coverage. Again with this kind of design you can easily manipulate the coverage of your foundation but I would say it’s only buildable to medium coverage. It’s enough to even out the skin-tone, toned down redness and hide minor blemishes. You may still need to use concealer for more major problem areas such as under-eye circles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. The finish is very glowy, dewy and luminous which is perfect for this winter season and would work wonderfully one those of you with dry to normal skin types. If you have oily/combination skin this could still work for you but I would recommend that you set it with a powder and/or wear a primer underneath to increase longevity. The cushion comes in 6 shades which is a little disappointing considering that Lancôme normally offers at least 10 shades for their other foundations. But if you prefer a lighter coverage then these shades become much more versatile. The foundation does have a scent but it’s very light and doesn’t linger so it’s friendly for the fragrant sensitive. And yes it does have an SPF of 23 PA++ so it might not be photograph friendly as it does contain titanium dioxide, a common ingredient found in physical sunscreens: A.K.A those sunscreens that leave you looking like a ghost.

Techniques for achieving coverage you want.
Techniques for achieving coverage you want.

PRICE: Now, how much is this miracle going to cost you? Not an arm or a leg, just $60. It might seem pricey however you are definitely getting your money’s worth. For more bang for your buck you can get the cushion with an additional refill for $80 meaning you’re only paying $20 for another foundation which is almost equivalent, if not cheaper than getting a drugstore foundation! You might be wondering how long this cushion is going to last you. I’m too sure myself but other users of Korean cushions say that a cushion can last them up to six months. To get to the most out of your product some users even suggested to actually take out the cushion and flip it over to get the product from the bottom!

Lancôme Miracle Cushion comes in 6 shades.
Lancôme Miracle Cushion comes in 6 shades. I use shade 02 Beige Rose, suitable for skin-tones between NC20/25

Bottom line is that this stuff is amazing and I really hope to see more brands coming out with their own version of the cushion compact. The Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation is now available online and will be in Myer and David Jones stores on Sunday the 14th of June.