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Nail Biting Isn’t Actually A Bad Habit, It’s A Sign Of Perfectionism


Nail biting comes naturally to some of us. Despite being told when growing up that it’s a bad, nervous or ugly habit, it’s a habit that can be hard to kick.

Well screw you everything we believed to be true until now. It turns out that nail biting may not be such a rotten habit after all. Far from it, in fact, new research suggests that nail biting is actually linked to perfectionism.

It’s not just nail biting either. Other habits such as tapping the table, picking at split ends and hair twirling are all signs that you are merely seeking perfection, you deep-thinking so and so.


New research published in the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry suggests that these common ticks are not stress born at all. Instead, they come from the feeling of an exacerbated need to complete life’s tasks at a breakneck pace. Basically, it’s impatience in driven individuals that inspired the habits to come about in the first place.

The study was conducted on 48 people at the University of Montreal. For many people nail biting has been perceived as a cheap habit linked to low self-esteem and social anxiety. It gives us a new way of looking at things, that nail biter sitting opposite you at work may actually be a genius goddamn it.

So, the next time someone catches you biting your nails don’t stop out of embarrassment, carry on but with added ferocity because you are a deep-in-thought perfectionist changing the world, probably.

H/T: Elite Daily