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The 8 Things To Remember When Dating A Bad Boy

The 8 Things To Remember When Dating A Bad Boy

He’s the guy that our parents would never want us to bring home to family dinner, the badass with sleeves and a motorcycle, the guy you wait hours on to text you back. You might be convinced you can change him, but we all know it never works. If you’re going to date him anyway, remember these 8 things:

1. He might have a soft side, but you’ll cry before you get it out of him.
Maybe if you stick around you’ll see it, but getting him to show it will be like pulling teeth.


2. Bad boys have a “don’t give a shit” attitude.
While it can be annoying, it can also be a great way to gain some perspective and learn to forget the little things that piss you off.


3. Introducing him to your family probably wont work out well.
Let’s be real, your dad is probably going to hate him. Unless your dad wants a bro to hang with.


4. His confidence will be all kinds of sexy.
Try to control yourself… or don’t 😉


5. Your friends will ask you WTF you’re doing with him.
He might be a bit of a prick, but he’s your prick. Just try not to isolate yourself from your gal pals too much.


6. Bad boys do not make for great husbands.
Hey this probably won’t be forever, but you’re only young once.


7. Have fun with your rebel, but make sure you don’t get involved in anything you don’t want to.
Getting busted for being a drug deal accomplice won’t be much fun.


8. YOLO.
Hey its your life, live it how you want. Just don’t get too down when you break up, it was probably never meant to be anyway.

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