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Top 8 Travel Destinations For Couples

Top 8 Travel Destinations For Couples

Dreaming of a holiday with your significant other but can’t seem to lock down a destination? Look no further than these locations- all teeming with romance, enchantment and the most perfect date night opportunities. Remember to write these down as ideas for your future honeymoon! Schedule some extra lust in with your wanderlust when you take your partner to:

Queenstown, NZ


Framed in picturesque mountains, Queenstown is nestled beside Lake Wakatipu, providing stunning scenery as well as a mirth of activities. Whether you envisage a romantic ski holiday with plenty of embraces by the fireplace or an adrenalin-fuelled escapade with enough bungy jumping and whitewater rafting to remind you that life is finite so share it with your partner now, Queenstown has you covered. After a long day of skiing/hiking/adrenaline seeking/spa treatments take the gondola up to the Stratosfare restaurant, where you can book a dinner/stargazing package including your gondola ride for $129. A perfect way to end a romantic adventure.



Paris, France


I mean, obviously. It is the City of Love, after all. To truly understand just how romantic Paris can be, grab a basket, load it up with baguettes and flowers and enjoy a “flâneur” or stroll around the city with your lover. Note how at every bridge there seems to be a couple kissing passionately above the Seine or adding an engraved padlock to the Pont Des Arts to seal their affection forever. Stop in at Les Jardins du Trocadéro where you can finish your stroll, sit on the grass and dig into those baguettes while gazing at the Eiffel Tower (or your lover’s eyes, whichever you prefer). Watch the sunset on this perfect day before the Eiffel tower lights up and sparkles above you. Cue romantic Parisian kiss.



Likuliku, Fiji


Three words: adult-only resort.
Likuliku Lagoon Resort is the only resort in Fiji to have over-water bures but their beachfront bures are just as divine. The island is a short seaplane, helicopter or catamaran trip away from the main island but it is well worth it. With no-one under the age of 18 allowed in this resort, you needn’t worry about your PDA being interrupted by the screams of a spoilt 5 year old who has already overtaken the bar with their milkshake.
The hospitality in Fiji is beyond comparison, with the locals greeting you hello with a friendly “Bula!” whenever you cross paths. This along with the delectable cuisine and the fact that you can go scuba diving one day and laze by the pool the next, make this a five-star getaway for couples.



Vienna, Austria


I don’t know about you, but for me the idea of palaces, expansive gardens, Winter Balls and classical music is very alluring.
If you want a dash of culture with your romance, dress to the nines and take your significant other to an opera or symphony. During the day, explore how the aristocratic lived at Schönbrunn Palace and then stop in at Demel, a famous pastry shop that is over 200 years old, for some sweets with your sweetheart. In the evening, take a boat ride down the Danube and watch the beauty of the city unfold over twilight.

Make sure to go during winter for the Viennese Ball season, if you’ve always wanted to reenact your favourite Disney film with your own Prince Charming.


Florence, Italy





Florence is a charming city filled with beautiful architecture, enchanting walkways, luscious restaurants and Renaissance culture by the bucketloads. Scratch up on your Renaissance art history knowledge by booking a tour through one of the many museums in the city, stopping by at Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Michaelangelo’s statue, David. Visit the shops along Ponte Vecchio and grab some gelato before stopping in at an alleyway cafe and dosing up on some fine Italian coffee. Why not have a romantic dinner along the Arno river, or inside a restaurant with wonderfully painted frescoes (see: La Cucina del Garga.)

The next day, why not explore Tuscany, stopping in at the Chianti wine region along the way. Remember to grab a bottle so you can toast your success at a romantic holiday for two.



Yii Peng Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand


What’s more romantic than a candlelit dinner? Try a picnic beneath an ocean of floating lanterns.

In mid to late-November each year, Chiang Mai lights up with floating lanterns in respect to Buddha. This coincides with Loi Krathong, a similar celebration which all of Thailand celebrates, launching floating lanterns on water.

The best (and cheapest) place to view the lanterns is at Mae Joe University, where you can bring

a blanket, get some food and wait for the release time with your significant other. It’s important to

note that this time is used for meditation by many locals, so if you wish to go somewhere with

more energy or you miss the Mae Jo release, you can pay around $100 to see one of the tourist

releases, which are usually booked for a week after the Mae Jo ceremony. Alternatively, head south to see the lanterns of Loi Krathong.

The great thing about a holiday in Thailand? It is filled with romantic beaches, luxurious resorts and can be a fantastic stopover on your way to (or home from) another destination!



Lapland, Finland


Don’t just camp out under the stars, book a glass-roofed igloo and camp beneath the Northern Lights. Seeing the Aurora Borealis is something everyone should do once in their lifetime so make it special. The ethereal dance of the lights can be seen from late August to early April and just remember, if you can see out of your igloo, other people can see in so keep that in mind before embarking on any romantic endeavours rated over PG (but hey, no judgements here!)

Romance is in abundance in Finland, especially in nature, obviously helped by the fact that its scenery seems to be taken right out of a fairytale.



Venice, Italy


This list wouldn’t be complete without Venice, with its canals, gondolas and decadent history. Traipse along the bridges, purchase an authentic mask fit for a masquerade and then take your very own Casanova to the Bridge of Sighs where local legend says that any couple kissing on a gondola beneath this bridge at sunset will have eternal love.
Make sure to a book a hotel overlooking the Grand Canal so you can stay on the lagoon at night, and head out for a nighttime stroll lit up with Venetian glass streetlamps. Dine by a canal while a nearby gondolier serenades you with Italian love songs.

That’s amore.