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Why Is Travel So Important For Females?

Why Is Travel So Important For Females?


Why is travel so important for females?

Last year I embarked on a 6 month journey around Europe also visiting countries in Asia, Africa, The Middle East and the UK. I was and still am in a relationship, but I chose to go without my boyfriend to experience the world in my own way.

People always asked me, “How could you leave him for that long amount of time?” or “Why don’t you want your boyfriend to go with you?”

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be with him, it was simply because I had always dreamed of being free and experiencing the world. I had just turned 18, finished high school and ready to find myself.

I believe it is so vital that all women have this experience no matter what age. We live in a time where women’s views are important, our voices are strong and we are free! Why not take a chance to do something with these opportunities. These are some of the benefits I believe women gain from taking a trip away!

A de-stress from home life

When you are travelling, your biggest problems are whether you should order pizza or pasta for lunch or if you should wash your hair or not today, seriously! Home seems like a million miles away and so do your worries. Travelling is a great stress relief from everything that has been getting you down at home and even if it is just for a little while, all the problems you have faced seem to be less important.

See the world in a different light.

Experiencing how people in various countries around the world live really makes you appreciate where you come from! Seeing so many different cultures and sights, gives you perspective on what is truly special to you about where you live. Whether it be something as simple as a hot shower or a roof over your head, you realise how much you might take for granted in everyday life that will change when you return.

Trying new things.

Whether it be white water rafting in Austria one day and playing in the snow in the Swiss Alps the next! Go without makeup for a couple of days, eat snails, learn to ride a moped, sing karaoke. The possibilities are endless and while away from home is a perfect time to take a crack at new things. Take a risk! It is a chance to get out of your comfort zone and you never know, you might discover a new passion for something!

Meet new people.

Whether you travel alone or with friends, you get the chance to meet others. This could be at a hostel/hotel, restaurant, a day tour or a shop. Talking to people from different walks of life is beneficial as you learn things firsthand you might have not already known. While travelling, you meet likeminded people who have the same passion as you that you may not have found with your friends at home. Staying in touch with these people via Facebook and email is also helpful as you never know when you’ll be in new country or city next and needing a tour guide!

Do something for yourself

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook? Is there a book you have been dying to read but never had the time? This is the time to do it! You deserve to have some time off from studying, working, raising a family or whatever it is that you are doing in your everyday life! When was the last time you did something for yourself? While travelling, everything you do is for YOU! If you want to get a tattoo or tan topless on the beach or have gelato for breakfast, go right ahead and do it girl! This is your holiday!


Travelling is the biggest learning experience you will ever have. You will gain knowledge about the world and other people’s cultures.

But most importantly, each trip you take, you will continue to learn more about yourself, what is important to you and how to be the best version of yourself every day.