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Why Tinder Has Ruined Dating In This Generation, For Good.

Why Tinder Has Ruined Dating In This Generation, For Good.

We’ve reached the age where it’s become increasingly more frowned upon to start talking to someone at a bar, while meeting a stranger online has become ‘normal’. Tinder and other online dating apps alike have created this hook-up culture and consequently damaged the wonders of real dating for our generation.

The reality of trying to get a date is now sitting at home in your jammies, probably with un-brushed hair and teeth, judging people on one out of five photos. If they’re lucky, you might even have a look at their other photos and read their bio. Even then, their bio will typically illuminate their Instagram and Snapchat accounts; more outlets to let you judge your potential date by.

If you are a Tinder user, you have probably been asked by a potential date about why you’re using the app. Friendship, date, or fun? The answer you’ve probably given is that you are just seeing what the fuss is all about. This is a lie. You actually want a date but are too lazy to put real effort in is the real answer.

Instant gratification from other social apps is probably one of the main reasons why we prefer Tinder. Taking a selfie and finding the perfect filter on Instagram is the most effort we can deal with putting in and what we want to gain from that is an instant ‘like’.

It would be far too strenuous to actually put real effort in and go sit at a bar and talk to a new person face to face, getting to know them. A few cheeky emojis and a compliment on our cute photo is all we desire to feel good about ourselves.

So why is this so destructive? Because 90% of the time, our photos are filtered or could have been taken three years ago, therefore online we could essentially be anyone we want to be. We can make people fall for us before they get the chance to truly meet us. It works exactly the same the other way round too, and they could be fooling us. In conclusion, we simply have two strangers talking to each other online who are both pretending to be someone else, resulting in an explosion of disappointment if there is a meet up.

The truth is, we don’t really know how to date. Our knowledge of real dating comes from watching films like The Notebook while scrolling through social media.

Tinder has resulted in real relationships so it can’t be totally knocked back. However, it’s apparent that the real magic of dating is slowly dying, along with our phone battery.