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Why Your Single Girlfriends Can’t Understand Your Relationship

Why Your Single Girlfriends Can’t Understand Your Relationship


Whether you have been friends since birth, since high school or last year, your bestie has been there by your side through some of your most momentous life changes, whether it be your parent’s divorce, your first heart break, your copious amounts of mental breakdowns whilst at university, all of which are pretty cringe worthy, but it seems whatever it may have been she has seen every side of you and still loves you anyway (aww) so it would seem natural that when you enter into a relationship she would be your go-to for advice or when there is trouble in paradise right?

Wrong! There is one major problems here, your best friend as loving and supportive as she is, is single – don’t get me wrong when you want advice on fun and sexy outfits or lingerie she is perfect, her fresh perspective can be a major benefit for you in this department but when it comes to troubles with your beau this is where friendships can get messy.

We all know that at some point in your relationship you and your partner are going to fight, whether it be over something trivial or not and every time this occurs you’ve reported it to your best friend, but what you haven’t noticed is that even though you and your man get past these little tiffs, your friend hasn’t, now this isn’t because she doesn’t like him, no they get along great which is one of he’s great qualities, but just remember she was your friend first and every time something like this happens she subconsciously stores away how he handled it, was caused it and how he treated you whilst it happened and she might not say anything but if these tiffs start occurring more frequently this profile she has built on him might seriously affect her decision to see past the problem.

But why is this?

The simple answer is this, she has seen you go through some of the hardest battles of your life, she has seen you at your lowest low and highest high and make it through each with strength and a certain grace, this is what makes you, you. To her as a single woman, this would carry over into the relationship department as well and this is where the age old “leave him, you can do better” speech comes from. She doesn’t want to see you anything but happy and sometimes finds it hard to compromise.

It is tough out here for us single women, with most singles resorting to tinder, being felt up at bars or being hit on by men twice our age, it is certain that these things have seriously compromised our affections for the male species and when it comes to our best friend, we often forget about our besties feelings towards her beau when we are assuring her she is better off without him.So to the single women who are in this situation can I suggest if he isn’t a legitimate jerk, then before you start with the speech, give your bestie the time she needs to vent and only point out practical ideas that could actually help the situation and to all my happily taken women out there, who know it takes a little/ a lot of time and effort to get to where you want in your relationship may I suggest before you dial her number you take a breather and try and figure out the problem with your partner and if you still need that late night therapy session with your bestie then call and just remember…She loves you and probably has wine waiting. Xx KLS.